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Shopify Website Audit

Shopify Website Audit

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A full audit of your Shopify site including customer experience & flow, trust, site speed, and responsiveness (i.e. mobile and tablet compatibility). We'll review your site in full, craft our report and provide recommendations. 

We'll look at overall SEO, make any theme and app recommendations as needed and deliver a full report to you within 48 hours* 

*Basic audit only. 

Our full audit requires admin access to your store so we can review apps and  theme files and make additional recommendations about possible theme upgrades code cleanup, correcting console errors and so on.  


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Why an Audit?
What can a Shopify audit do for me?
You want your Shopify site to run at peak efficiency and convert. We can uncover the friction points, be it UX, speed, responsive clunkiness, or confusing messaging, and make solid recommendations to getting you back on track. An audit helps you answer the question "where do I begin?". Sell more.