What We Do

We partner with you to make your dreams come true.

Sounds a little fluffy, sure. But CJT Digital Design's motto since 2005 has been Unparalelled Customer Service.

That means we do everything in our power to listen to you, understand your store's needs, and your vision for the store, and to work with you to make that vision come to frution.

What that means is that sometimes it takes longer than you'd like, sometimes it costs more than you'd hoped, but we do not offer band-aid, app-heavy quick solutions. We offer solutions that are coded cleanly, that work, and that will sustain you for years, not months.

CJT Digital Design has been at this for a long time, and we've always operated by the rule that we're not looking to leave you satisfied, we're looking to leave you delighted. That's what we do.

Our Team

We are lean. Out team is made up of a small but mighty group of thinkers, planners, and developers, who know Shopify, liquid, JavaScript, JQuery, CSS3, and just about everything in between to apply the solutions that you need for your store to scale.