Audits & Consulting

Let's get a 30,000 foot view

Let's face it - sometimes you are so close to the forest you can no longer see the trees.

CJT Digital Design can come in with fresh eyes and take a bird's eye view of your site, and provide a detailed, quality audit, with specific, actionable recommendations. We'll look at:

  • Speed - is it loading quickly and if not, what are the pinch-points?
  • UX - i.e. user experience. Where is their friction for your customers and how can we eliminate it?
  • General layout and flow
  • Responsive design - does your site work on mobile and tablet or is it breaking?
  • Shopify's tools - are you leveraging all of the tools Shopify has to offer, i.e. one-page checkout, Shop pay, and more?

Your audit is a detailed, multi-page report that gives you a great overview of what the site needs And how you can make it better to improve conversions.

If you're ready you can order an audit below, and you will receive your detailed report within 48 hours.

An audit helps you answer the question "where do I begin?" Sell more.